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DFM On-Demand

Automated PCB DFM Analysis

On-Demand DFM for Fabricators

As a manufacturer of PCB’s you have a DFM solution in place today so why would you use PCB DFM On Demand? If any of descriptions below apply to you, then read on:

For PCB manufacturers (fabricators) there are two basic drivers to reconsider current DFM operations - Speed & Accuracy.

Speed applies on a case by case basis whether for quoting or engineering. Sometimes you just get too busy and run out of capacity when quoting, engineering or a combination of both. You can now rely on PCB DFM On-Demand in these situations. We offer processing capacity on a job-by-job basis with no contract or commitment and are always on-line 24/7/365.

Speed also applies to CAM processing since the output is cleaned up design data ready for CAM processing. Layers and apertures are already correctly identified and in the correct stack-up order. This also applies to supplemental drawing files, notes and other information typically received from your customers. You can cut CAM processing time by up to 30% by using our CAM Ready outputs.

When it comes to accuracy & automation solutions are available but as you know they come with a hefty price tag. We all know the value of accuracy but it investing in a high-end automation solution is a significant undertaking that not only requires large capital outlay but also IT support, investment in appropriate hardware, annual software maintenance fees and user training. With the advent of cloud computing a new option is available to you: PCB DFM On-Demand. There’s none of the overhead and all of the advantages of using state-of-the-art automated PCB DFM Analysis tools.