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DFM On-Demand

Automated PCB DFM Analysis
Using DOD

It’s easy to try. If you like it, great! keep using us. You can use us as often or as little as you want. No contract, no commitment, just PCB DFM on demand. Need more info? Send us an email.

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Design Analysis processing is done automatically by our on-demand cloud computing instances running the industries leading DFM analysis solution: Ucamco’s Integt8tor. By default, no one will see or have access to your designs. You can request manual processing if required. Occasionally, manual input may be needed and you can request this to be done by our operators.

Note that typically more than 80% of designs are successfully processed automatically.

For ITAR requirements, you can select the option to use the AWS GovCloud - certified cloud computing for various US government high security requirements.

On-Demand Cloud DFM Delivery


  • 128 Bit Encryption
  • Ephemeral File Storage
  • Private Disposable VM's
  • Design Files Deleted

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