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DFM On-Demand

Automated PCB DFM Analysis
No Software To Buy
No Maintenance To Pay
No Hardware To Buy
No User Training
PCB DFM - On-Demand

Automated On-Demand DFM for the PCB industry is here, brought to you by Iron Atom.

It is time to re-evaluate your DFM process.

DFM is an integral part of PCB design and manufacturing. Traditional options are either expensive or time consuming and manual. To benefit your own business you would naturally opt for the most cost-effective and accurate DFM solution available to you. That’s where we come in. Iron Atom provides you a new model:

Automated On-demand DFM. Low cost, no risk & no commitment.

No Commitment

Additional outputs are available like CAM Ready data.

CAM Ready Data

A complete set of all data, importable to other systems.

XML Data File

A comprehensive report with all the critical DFM information.

PDF Analysis Report

What do I get from DoD?

General Features

Automatic Layer & File Type Recognition

Automatic Layer Ordering (Layer Stack)

Automatic Layer Registration, Polarity & Outline

Over 50 standard Design Rule Checks

Custom Design Rule Check & Job Criteria

Independent Site - No bias, sales hassles or requirements.

Available 24/7/365

Bank Level Security

ITAR Compliant

Any Archive format Accepted (.zip, .tar, .rar, .tgz…)

DOD for Fabricators DFM in the Cloud

Processing Features

Copper Layer Analysis

Bare Board Test Analysis

Scoring Analysis

Drilling Analysis

Exposed Copper Analysis

Via Plug Analysis

Solder Mask Analysis

Net Compare - ODB / Mentor NF / IPC-356-A

Inputs:  Gerber RS-274D, RS-274X, ODB++, DPF

Blind & Buried Drill Recognition

Using DOD

Look inside our DFM Job Processing!


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