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DFM On-Demand

Automated PCB DFM Analysis

PCB DFM is flexible enough to meet your needs.

Whether it is a one time design check, or 10 rush quotes for manufacturing (you need by yesterday), we have the right options for you.

You can select different options each time and even on a design-by-design or quote-by-quote basis.

For details on the DRC’s performed - click here

A few simple options, depending on your requirements.

- No risk

- Low cost

- On-Demand

- Industry Leading

- Automated

- Secure

- DFM for PCB

Analysis Info

CAM Ready Data

Layer Images

  • ODB++ for Genesis
  • DPF for UCAM
  • Gerber 274X

Computing Power

Custom DRC's

User Control

  • Economy
  • Standard
  • Turbo
  • User Templates
  • Custom Values
  • Stored On Site
  • Edit Requests
  • Custom Configs
  • ITAR
Output Options
Processing Options