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DFM On-Demand

Automated PCB DFM Analysis

First, you need to create an account. Click the sign up button over there to do it now. At the Create New Account page, enter your details and a legitimate email account. Your password and account login will be sent to that account email.

Create Your Account

Copy your assigned password and click the link to login to the PCB DFM site.

Grab Your Password & Log In

Your home page on DOD is your job history. It’s blank of course for a new account. Let’s start a job….click on the ‘Jobs’ button on the toolbar then ‘New DFM Analysis’.

Create Your First Job

Let’s make it very easy the first time around. In the Upload Files section, click the ‘Select’ button and grab the design archive you want to try. As the file uploads, select your ‘Analysis Info’, ‘CAM Ready Data’, ‘Layer Images’ & ‘Job’ options. Ignore the ‘Configurations for the time being. Once the file has uploaded you’ll get a pop-up message (one for each file), then click the start  button. You’re on your way.

Upload Your Design & Click the Start Button

You will be transferred to the Current Jobs page where you can track the status of your job. You will also get an email when your private server is up and running and processing underway. Once processing is complete you’ll get another email and the job will disappear from the Current Jobs page.

Track Your Job Status

At the Jobs History page your completed job is displayed. Check the Last Status column for a summary of the processing results. ‘Click on the ‘+’ sign to see the details of the job and the entire processing history.

Free or paid jobs ready for download have a blue folder icon.

Click on this button to download your DFM Report & optional files.

If a job requires payment, a cash icon is displayed.

Click on the ‘Pay All Completed Jobs’ button at the top of the grid. You can pay with a credit/debit card or with PayPal®.The payment transaction is completed in a new window. When the history page refreshes your job results will be ready to download.

Get Your Results


  • 128 Bit Encryption
  • Ephemeral File Storage
  • Private VM's
  • Design Files Deleted

- No risk

- Low cost

- On-Demand

- Industry Leading

- Automated

- Secure

- DFM for PCB

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